Non-Potentially Hazardous Foods List

As of July 1, 2015, individuals can sell non-potentially hazardous (NPH) foods made in their home kitchens, without a license (Minnesota Statute 28A.152). However, you must first register with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture in order to sell these foods. Non-potentially hazardous (NPH) foods are foods that do not support the rapid growth of bacteria that would make people sick when held outside of refrigerated temperatures. These are the types of foods the Minnesota Cottage Foods Law exempts from licensing. MFMA and MNCFPA have worked with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the University of Minnesota Extension Food Safety Team to compile this list.

This list offered by MFMA and MNCFPA as a guideline. Cottage food producers are responsible for ensuring their products meet the legal requirements of the law. Final legal determination for cottage food products rests with MDA. If a food item is not on this list, contact your local Minnesota Department of Agriculture Food Inspector: (651) 201-6027 or MDA.