Updated COVID-19 Resources (o5/16/2021)

Minnesota Farmers Market Association – Covid-19 update:

Here is the latest information: Farmers Market C19_Precautions_2021-05-07 (1)

COVID-19 Response plan templates and resources for CFPs 

All businesses are required to have a written COVID-19 Preparedness Plan template to keep you, your family and customers safe. Write, implement and update your plan with these resources:



Minnesota Department of Health

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Minnesota Department of Agriculture:  COVID-19 Food Establishment-Cottage Food Producer Guidance


COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Template and Completed CFP Plan Examples

CFP COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Template (1)

Zella Maes by Jennifer COVID

Sweet Eats COVID Prep Plan_Final